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Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at

May 20, 2020

Journalist Luke Broadwater helped his paper, The Baltimore Sun, earn a 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting with his investigative work in breaking and covering the Healthy Holly story in Maryland last year that involved the mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh.

It’s just another title the Maryland native can add to his resume. What’s also on there? Wrestler and coach.

On Episode 604 of Short Time, Broadwater talks about what it took to break that news story, how the real world of local reporting differs from those attacking media as “fake news” and his background as a high school wrestler at McDonogh, a Division III wrestler at Ithaca and a college coach at the NCWA program at Maryland-Baltimore County.

It’s engaging and interesting if you like the world of breaking news or talking about the old days and what you remember learning from your coach.


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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 604 - May 19, 2020