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Hosted by Hall of Fame wrestling broadcaster, announcer, and journalist Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is produced by the Mat Talk Podcast Network at

May 5, 2021

Longtime sports journalist Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle joins the Short Time Wrestling Podcast to talk about the situation at Stanford. Now a columnist after impressive career stops at the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News and Sports Illustrated, Killion’s job is to offer her perspective on topics in and around sports and the Stanford drop of 11 sports definitely got her attention.


Killion and I will talk about why this is an important topic for a columnist to pay attention to, what the local media’s role is in talking about topics like this which are often overlooked due to reader surveys and topics that “don’t sell papers,” and why Stanford’s leadership should be held accountable and have to actually answer for their decisions. Killion also points out some of the fallacies in the posted rationale and what’s happened with Stanford sports since the announcement last summer. 

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 657 - May 5, 2021